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PROMO Bamboo Straw Set

Regular price $8.50

Customise your set according to your drink preferences!

All orders will be packed in a linen or batik (random print) pouch with a straw cleaning brush. Pouches will be randomly allocated based on stock availability.

These alternative straws are the only 100% from-nature option in drinking straws! They are handmade from whole bamboo. Earth-loving and very kid-friendly - perfect for smoothies!

Why bamboo?

Bamboo straws are the only 100% all-natural reusable alternative to nasty plastic straws. Stainless steel straws have a higher carbon footprint and require more resources to produce. Bamboo is a renewable material that already grows in a hollow shape. 


Simply wash under a tap after everyday use. Use a straw cleaning brush for a more thorough clean. Bamboo straws can also be boiled to sterilise. Use an electric kettle, fill a container or tray with boiling water and soak the bamboo straw for 1 minute, then air dry.

We do not recommend dishwashers as this is an all-natural product.