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Washing Block

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Our 200 gram jumbo washing block is made to last EVEN longer!


The 200 gram (7 oz) handmade All-natural Washing Block will pull its weight in your home! It is multi-use and can be used for a variety of cleaning needs including:

  • Low-impact dishwashing
  • General surface cleaning
  • Washing hands
  • Laundry: Hand wash reusable masks and even the most delicate laundry
  • Stain stick (100g size is most suitable for this!)

The coconut-based formula deals effortlessly with oil and sticky plates and surfaces. Use it with any kitchen sponge that you are currently using or try some of the sponges and brushes that we have in stock for a truly good clean that will be gentle on your hands as well as on our earth!

Each 200g washing block will last you a long time, but exact estimates on usage will depend on your household members and volume of dishes washed.

The washing block is packaged in only paper - no plastic bottle waste, no cardboard box waste.

Made in a workshop which prioritises fair wages and gender equality in supervisor and manager roles. 


Handmade from vegan ingredients and palm oil free!
100% biodegradable coconut cleansers (sodium cocoate, sodium cocoyl isethionate, decyl glucoside), purified water, lemon essential oil

This block cleans oily and greasy items efficiently! Use with a luffa sponge for a lovely lather on your plates, pots and pans. Don’t forget to switch off the tap while soaping up! You can also use this to give your sink or surfaces a good scrub down with our kitchen scrubbie brush with hard bristles.

Be mindful not to excessively use rough pot brushes or scrubbies on the block as it will wear it down at a quicker rate. 

Perfect for handwashing delicates. To use in washing machines, grate this block and mix with an equal part of washing soda.

Wet the stained item and rub onto the stain. Wash as per usual. Spot test delicates.

Why solid soaps and not liquid? 

Each soap block can replace at least 1-2 bottles of dishwashing liquid, depending on your usage. It is more efficient to produce, ship and store solid soaps compared to liquid detergents due to the fact that liquid soap is heavier to carry and not efficiently packaged. Bar soap is always stackable and maximises the volume of cartons during transportation.

The difference between soap and detergents

Detergents are made from man made or synthetic derivatives, such as surfactants, brighteners or perfumes.

Soaps are made from natural ingredients such as oils and fats. Sometimes, a blend of oils is used for each oil's unique properties. Different oils have different qualities and benefits. This multi-purpose dishwashing soap is made with coconut oil for coconut oil's cleansing and bubbly properties! Expect nice suds and bubbles with this product! During the process of saponification (the process of making into soap), glycerin naturally occurs. This is great for your skin! The natural glycerin is a moisturiser.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Great item

Never knew this item existed and when I did I wondered how it worked. It's a nice smelling block and all you need to do is use a damp sponge and rub against the block a few times and wash away your dishes. It lathers up so well surprisingly and has a great coconut smell. I used to hate doing dishes cos it dries my hand but now I enjoy it 😀 will defi buy again. I believe this can last me for months. Thank you!!

Very happy with my purchase

I like this product very much and it makes me happy to do dishes, strange as it sounds haha!

Amazing product from quality, ingredient, to packaging

I just need to use a luffa sponge to swipe gently on the surface of this block once, and the luffa is already foamy, and just one wipe it clears out an oily pan. Very amazing quality. Definitely to a better job than normal chemical dishwashing liquid, while being eco friendly. I also used a bit of the block water to wash a floor cleaning cloth, and it clean after 1 water wash. Super effective. Already introduced to many friends and I would definitely purchase again. Since the shipping cost within asia (outside singapore and malaysia) is high, i probably would buy in bulk. Thank you so much for the amazing product!

Good find, low carbon footprint

Been reluctant to use the blocks that are similar that are made in US or other western countries. It is much more "environmentally friendly" to use something made closer to home. I like the usage of this block and it's very well made, shipping was fast and low waste (minimal packaging and recycle materials). Will be switching to this from now on, please dont stop making it haha

Effective: a little goes a long way

Bought a small block to try for dishwashing because my family goes through dishwashing liquid bottles/packets so fast. Not sure how long it'll last but it seems like I really don't have to use much just to get my dish-washing spongey soapy :) removes grease well!

Thank you for your review Kat, it's nice to hear that you don't have to use much to soap up your sponge and that it removes grease well for you! Hope you enjoy using it and maybe try the big one in the future! :D