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Washing Block

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200 grams - a bigger bar lasts EVEN longer!


This 200 gram (7 oz) handmade all-natural cleaning block will pull its weight in your home! It is multi-use and can be used for a variety of cleaning needs.

These are most popular as dishwashing blocks, but can also be used for general cleaning or for laundry. The coconut-based formula deals effortlessly with tough grease and grime. Use it with any sponge that you are currently using, or try some of the sponges that we have in stock, for a truly good clean that will be gentle on your hands as well as on our earth! Each bar of soap will last you a long time, but exact estimates on usage will depend on your household members and volume of dishes washed.

Vegan ingredients and palm oil free!

This block is tough on grime and grease! Use with a luffa sponge for a lovely lather on your plates, pots and pans. Don’t forget to switch off the tap while soaping up! You can also use this to give your sink a good scrub down.

*Be mindful not to excessively use rough pot scourers on the block as it will wear it down at a quicker rate. 

Perfect for handwashing delicates. To use in washing machines, grate this block and mix with an equal part of washing soda.

Wet the stained item and rub onto the stain. Wash as per usual. Spot test delicates.

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