Contribute your packaging materials!

We have been taking in your bubble wraps and clean boxes since 2014, and more recently been posting on Facebook buy-nothing groups to pick these up! Usually you'll hear about it on Instagram if we need a top-up!

To make it easier to coordinate this, we have a system where you can request a shipping label to have your bubble wrap picked up :) 

Here are the easy steps:

1. Check that what you have fits the description below.

2. Fill in the form at the bottom of this page to request a shipping label.

2. If your contribution suggestions are suitable, we will send you a shipping label to print

3. Print out the label and stick it to the box or envelope containing the materials you want to contribute.


Please take note

In order to maximise the effort and resources required to pick up these packaging materials, we ask that the minimum quantity can at least fill a small box measuring 15 cm x 15 cm x 30 cm OR that the total size of the bubble wrap adds up to at least 30 x A4 size pieces.

We pay for the shipping labels and courier services do have a carbon footprint. Please help to collate contributions so that it is more efficient :) 


We take:
Magazines (to use as paper stuffing)
Cardboard boxes (flattened, preferably measuring 100cm total L+W+H)
Clean, un-popped bubble wrap (if it is too soft or partially deflated, we cannot use it)
Bubble wrap can be folded and sealed in a large envelope or rolled up
You can seal everything in a clean cardboard box (we will also reuse the box)


Please do not send us:
Small pieces of bubble wrap (smaller than A4) 
Popped or deflated bubble wrap
Stained or oily bubble wrap
Bubble wrap that used to hold food items
Air pockets (The type that have air pockets much bigger than standard bubble wraps)
Styrofoam sheets for wrapping