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F&B Partners

Bring the message of REFUSE REDUCE RETHINK to your customers through our F&B partnerships. 

1. Go straw-free or plastic-free!

It's time to make a switch! We can organise corporate sharing sessions for your staff and team members to introduce the plastic-free and low-waste cause as part of a larger campaign to go plastic-free. 

We are able to design display signs and collateral to introduce the idea of zero-waste to your customers.


2. Stockists

We curate a range of sustainable products to suit your customer range and your food and beverage types. 

You can choose to purchase a curated range outright or to work on consignment.


3. Co-Branded or Private Label Products

We can collaborate to design sustainable products with both Bamboo Straw Girl brand and your brand and logo, as part of a corporate campaign or as a retail range. 

We are also able to private label our products with your brand and logo.

We have 5 years of production expertise in sustainable products and can always guarantee the best quality and finish, and offer various light packaging options.


4. Organise events

We can customise a programme and organise pop-up events for your shop to bring the message of sustainability to your community.