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School programmes

Bring the message of REFUSE REDUCE RETHINK to your students through our school partnerships. 

1. School assembly talks about environmental action

Northland Primary School assembly talk, August 2019 
Northland Primary School assembly talk, August 2019

Our founder, Mel, is a TedX speaker and personally offers school assembly talks in Singapore. We can customise our talks to suit your school population's current knowledge of zero-waste. Through our school talks, we promote the idea that every little action counts and that everyone can make a difference!

We are also able to set up a booth in the canteen during recess to further interact with students and offer bamboo straws at wholesale level prices.

The school talks can be held over Zoom or in a physical session.

2. Customised coaching sessions


“Making Things That Matter: Product design and production” mini workshop at East Spring Primary School 

Customised sharing sessions or small-group coaching workshops or long-term programmes can be discussed.

Some programmes we have designed:

  • Environmental Week small-group project consultation - Primary / Secondary level
  • Environmental journalism - the basics of reporting and first-hand experience of working in teams to craft a news/feature/magazine text article or broadcast depending on duration - Primary / Secondary level
  • "How do I recycle?" - Pre-school level
  • "What is Zero-Waste?" - Pre-school level

3. Take action 

Real action in school canteen @ Orchid Park Secondary School!
Real action in school canteen @ Orchid Park Secondary School!

We work together with your Green Monitors or Environment Club to start a movement to raise awareness of plastic waste and the urgency of individual climate action. We help frame school-based campaigns and coach students on how to approach vendors to propose their no-straw movement.


4. Pop-up booths

We can come to your school or staff office to hold a pop-up retail booth during recess or during staff room lunch break as part of student or staff extra-curricular activities.


5. Customised gifts

We can collaborate to design sustainable products your school crest, motto or logo. We can also create sustainable tokens of appreciation (long-service teaching award or guest of honour) and graduation gifts for your community.

We have more than 5 years of production expertise in sustainable products and can always guarantee the best quality and finish, and offer various light packaging options.


6. Organise events

We can customise a programme and organise pop-up events for your school to bring the message of sustainability to your school community.


7. Staff training and workshops

Socially-distanced workshop / sharing session at Millennia Institute, Singapore.
A socially-distanced workshop in November 2020 - sign of our times!

We can customise a programme and organise after-school workshops for your teaching and non-teaching staff to bring the message of sustainability to your school community.


8. 2030 SDGs Game

The 2030 SDGs Game is a multiplayer, in-person, card-based game that simulates taking the "real world" into the year 2030. This is wonderful introduction to the Sustainable Development Goals for anyone. It is suitable to be played as part of staff training programme or as an extra-curricular activity for students. Our founder, Mel, is a Singaporean facilitator trained to host the 2030 SDGs Game.

Only trained facilitators are authorised to hold this game. Contact us to host a game at your school!

Find out more about the game.


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