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Our impact

It is thanks to YOU that we have been able to impact as many people as we have today. You have our gratitude for your support, word of mouth reviews, purchase of our earth-minded, handmade products and recommendations to friends. 

Our mission started in 2013, when we distributed bamboo straws to family, friends, and any willing drinks stall vendor to spread the message of conscious consumption. Back when the reusable straw movement had yet to grip our world, we chose the simple plastic straw as an example of unnecessary and mindless waste. A

survey of Singaporeans found that the main reason many people use plastic straws is simply because they come with drinks, rather than due to an active choice (aesthetics, enhanced taste, stains on teeth).

As we shared about our bamboo straw production and guerilla-style outreach through unexpected encounters, we started to gain interest from around the world. Fast forward to 2018 and as an incorporated company, we found ourselves supplying to resorts, hotels, and lifestyle stores around the world. The movement has heated up incredibly! 

Locally, things moved quickly for the zero-waste movement come 2018, and 2019 was declared the Year of Zero Waste in Singapore.

We like to think that we were a ripple in the big wave of change that we have witnessed in the past few years!

Contributions to the Zero Waste Movement in Singapore and worldwide

Refuse and reduce

1. We have prevented the use of over 3 million single-use plastic items

2. We are committed to plastic-free and reused / recycled packaging for all processed orders and given more than 7,000 packaging items a second use


Inspire change through education

1. Keeping up the conversation on sustainability issues with more than 12,000 followers on social media - Instagram Facebook

2. Our school outreach / corporate partnership programmes have educated more than 10,000 people through physical speaking engagements in Singapore

Community impact

Supporting makers with fair wages and work

Sustainable Development Goal SDG Goal 8 is "Decent work and economic growth".

Our prices reflect the fair wages for our makers. Through your purchases, we have supported half a dozen Southeast Asian makers and artisans through full-time work or a second stream of income. We want you to have a meaningful, thoughtful connection with our products and so we frequently discuss the production efforts and are stringent with the production and curation of our products.

Intersectional environmentalism

We believe in the interconnectedness of all living beings and the environment. Intersectional environmentalism is activism for the environment where the needs and rights of both people and planet are considered. The fact is that climate change and poverty are deeply intertwined because climate change disproportionately affects low-income communities and developing countries around the world. As intersectional environmentalists, we donate regularly to causes whose missions we support.

A percentage of sales proceeds from selected items benefit chosen charities and organisations. View our contributions here

We also regularly donate child-sized toothbrushes to organisations working with displaced children or low-income communities. Please contact us if you are keen to work together on this project.