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Beyond Bins Coaster (Set of 4)

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Sold in sets of 4 pieces.

Our production partner in Malaysia aims for a circular economy through the supply and demand of re-imagined waste. The programme places plastic recycling machines in local communities to produce recycled products after a period of training and guidance. 

Corporate orders form an alternative source of income for communities and opportunities to build lasting relationships. The communities that this project works with include remote villages with a lack of access to recycling facilities, Orang Asli villages, and islands. The communities will stand to gain through educational programmes and awareness to instil a sustainability mindset.


The recycling machine, inspired and built by the open-source blueprint of the Precious Plastic Project by Dave Hakkens, is placed at the identified communities with a period of training.

Using the machine, the makers of the communities will shred and mould plastic to create 100% re-imagined plastic products.