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Tawashi Cleaning Brush

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Tawashi are traditional Japanese botanical cleaning brushes made from the fibers of the windmill palm. They have been used for centuries for cleaning pots and dishes. 

We are the proud Singapore stockist of Takada tawashi which are handmade in Japan by artisans who have made these brushes for more than seven decades, using hand-selected materials from trees in Wakayama Prefecture.

You will be surprised by how soft and gentle these brushes are. The prickly appearance is deceiving!

The combination of soft pliancy and firmness is great for removing grease and food particles, even from your best glasses and dishware, without scratching.

The bark of the windmill palm tree has been traditionally used in Japan since the olden days. Here's what it looks like:

Maintenance tips
Flick dry after use and either hang it up or let it dry on a window sill. Ensuring that the tawashi is not soaking in water will ensure a long-lasting scrubbie that can last a year or more.

How are Tawashi made, from harvesting of windmill palm to creation by hand?

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