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Mystery Batik Scrunchies

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Note: All scrunchies are one-of-a-kind and we send you a mystery design when you order. We always choose different colours and patterns for the bundles because life should be full of variety, right?


We work with seamstresses in the locations where we produce our straws. Besides daily wear, they also sew uniforms for resorts and often are left with sections of leftover fabric that would otherwise go to waste (too small to be used for other orders / projects). These sections of fabric, along with small offcuts from day to day projects, are sewn up into these zero-waste scruchies! So retro! A fun addition to your outfit -- and can be worn as an accessory around your wrist like a cuff.


2021 note:

As the pandemic continues to devastate businesses worldwide, our seamstresses for whom this is a second stream of income have much less work, and as a result less and less suitable material to salvage as "offcuts" for this product. We have as such turned to purchasing batik from traditional craftspeople who still maintain the age-old commitment to hand-stamped batik and old textile dye knowledge. We work with the same lovely seamstresses to use this material for the scrunchies. The tags will say "Refuse Reduce Rethink" as a reminder of our shop philosophy, which we apply to production as well. The hand-stamped batik is a labour-intensive work of love. When you use a hand-stamped batik product, you are wearing a message of devotion to traditional craft :)

If the tag reads "Made From Offcuts", it was salvaged fabric!


P.S. We try our best to match any colour preferences you let us know about, but the colours are assorted and we do not control or select the fabrics that we salvage.