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Reusable Menstrual Pad / Liner (Pastels)

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Each pad is handmade using 4 types of material layers: Batik print design cotton; Smooth jersey material; Waterproof layer; Flannel 

Each pad has snap buttons installed for a good hold. 

The pads are made to maximise your comfort while providing maximum security in terms of avoiding leaks! It may take you one or two cycles to get the hang of estimating the optimum time to use each pad for before it requires changing.


How to choose thickness:

Liners are thinner and meant for light flow days or as back ups for menstrual cup users. 

Regular pads are meant for daily use during your period, for regular to heavier flow days.

We recommend longer lengths for days that you anticipate heavier flows.


How to choose length:

If you already use pads, you might have a length that you prefer. If you are a teenager, go for smaller or shorter lengths for better comfort.

If you have heavy flows, go for longer lengths and size downwards later on once you get comfortable with using reusable pads.


Why use reusables?

Disposable menstrual pads are made of up to 90% plastic - harming both our bodies and the planet. We believe that reusables will change our interaction with our planet as well as our relationship with our period.


Who made my pads?

Your pads are handmade in Indonesia by Biyung Project. “Biyung” means “Mother” in the Javanese language. The proceeds from the sale of their reusable products goes towards their community outreach projects that benefit less privileged women in Indonesia.


How do I change pads in public?

Simply fold your pad inwards to close it up and use a reusable waterproof pouch or wet pouch to contain them. Wash your pads once you get home.

Reusable waterproof pouch for carrying pads on the go - shop here!


How do I wash the pads?

Rinse with room temperature water as soon as possible to prevent staining and remove discharge. Hand wash with our foamy solid washing block.

Some people prefer to soak pads to prevent staining -- You can soak in room temperature water. Then, hand wash.

You can also machine wash in a net bag on a gentle cycle. Drying in the sun is a great practice. 

Make sure NOT to bleach, put in the dryer, or use fabric softener.

Note: The motif or colour of the pads will be randomly chosen for you. Due to the handmade nature of the product, no two colours or designs will be alike.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Well made pads!

I was attracted by the lovely designs. Bought liners as back up for my cup. I enjoy using them and they are very comfortable, very soft and plush feeling. Will be back for more!