Rainbow miniatures fundraiser for #benderaputih

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Update: Together, we raised 1000 SGD!

That's 3072.18 RM:

2652.18 RM cash donations and 12 item orders!

From 12 rainbow keychains / earrings ordered for a total of 420 RM, 240 RM will be donated directly to food banks.

The total cash donated to food banks will be 2877.18 RM! 

Thank you so much for supporting this fundraiser!


 My Instagram friend Ling (@tinypinc) was inspired by the news of the movement called #benderaputih (white flag) on social media to raise funds for Malaysian food banks that will support people in need of food. The movement was started by Malaysians for those in need of food and other essentials. It encourages affected families to hang a white flag or cloth in front of their homes so that neighbours can render immediate assistance.

Ling made miniature rainbows in the form of keychains or earrings to raise funds for this cause.

Ling is in Malaysia, so the shipping time will not be immediate. This is considered a pre-order. I collated orders to reduce carbon footprint :) 

For the miniatures, RM 15 is to cover her materials and costs, and RM 20 will be donated directly to the food banks. (I'm transferring 100% of the amount to Ling and not taking any commission!)

I have pre-paid for some rainbow keychains so that you can continue to support this cause after the fundraiser ends. I have already made the donations for them.



For donation only (not buying anything) , read here:

I will be making a personal contribution to the cause, and if you would like to chip in, 100% of what you donate will be passed to her (bank transfer) for donation to Malaysian food banks. Just choose the "donation only” and select the amount  you want to donate. Both she and I will keep records for transparency! 

For information about Singapore food banks / food security groups, see this post :) 

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