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Mystery Batik Bulk Bag

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How to use:

  • Shop in style - skip the disposable plastic bags and bag your fruits and vegetables in these drawstring bags.
  • Fill with grains, rice, or nuts at the bulk shop - the seams are reinforced so you'll be safe!
  • Reusable, sustainable gift wrap ;) So easy and so beautiful!
  • Buy a loaf of bread in it!
  • Easy travel organisers in your luggage or bag
  • Pack or sort cables and wires in your everyday bag

Size: 20cm (width) x 30cm (height) 

There are two options in this range:

(1) Salvaged batik print (machine print) : This series of bags are created with surplus batik print fabric (offcuts or deadstock). The tags will say "Made from offcuts" as a reminder of our belief in a loop and circular economy which diverts waste from the waste stream. We work with seamstresses who sew uniforms for resorts as well as daily wear in their communities. Our first and original choice for this product - since we started producing it in 2014 - was always offcut or deadstock fabric.

(2) Hand-stamped batik (wax-resist by hand) : This series of bags are created with a labour intensive traditional process involving copper stamps and wax dye resist methods. The tags will say "Refuse Reduce Rethink" as a reminder of our shop philosophy, which we apply to production as well. As the pandemic continues to devastate businesses worldwide, our seamstresses for whom this is a second stream of income have much fewer projects, and as a result less and less suitable material to salvage as "offcuts" for this product. We have as such turned to supporting traditional craftspeople who still maintain the age-old commitment to hand-stamped batik and old textile dye knowledge. The hand-stamped batik is a labour-intensive work of love. When you use a hand-stamped batik product, you are wearing a message of devotion to traditional craft.


P.S. No two bags are exactly alike! The fabric used will differ - we surprise you with a mystery batik pattern! If you like any particular pattern that you may have seen on our Instagram profile, leave us a note on checkout and we will try our best to match it!

Due to the handmade nature of this product, do allow for some differences in measurement.

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