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Mindful Bento Box

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We often catch ourselves checking our phones during lunch or rushing through a meal as if it were just something to check off a task list. Our Mindful Bento Boxes have surprise engravings on the interior of the lid. The first edition of the boxes feature quotes from Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh.

The bento boxes have a 304 stainless steel base and a bamboo lid. The lid fits snugly and there is a elastic band for additional security.

Care note:

We love bamboo and created these bento boxes as aesthetically pleasing products for everyday home use. However, bamboo is a material that requires a little more care. Please do not wash the lid in dishwashers or soak it for prolonged periods in water or subject it to hot temperatures. The stainless steel bottom can be put in dishwashers and oven toasters. For a fully stainless steel option, which is leak-proof and can be fully recycled at end of life, we highly recommend our Stainless Steel Tiffin

A little reminder: Always consider how these products will fit into your daily lives :) A big part of sustainable action is taking care of things that we own so that they last long.