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Foldable Cotton Mesh Bag

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New and improved design that includes an in-built pocket!

100% cotton, neat mesh bag that expands to hold just about anything -- you will be surprised by just how much it holds!

When in use, the in-built pocket can function as a catch-all for small items like keys, cards, handkerchiefs or phones. When not in use, the bag folds flat and can be tucked into the in-built pocket.

Available individually or as a set with batik bulk bags (click for more information). These bulk bags can be used to hold small vegetables, mushrooms, fruit, or grain on your next trip to the market or grocery store, or to sort everyday items in this stretchy bag!

Crocheted cotton bags are said to be originally used by French fishermen. Because they can stretch to fit whatever you put inside, the lightweight bags became popular in the '60s and '70s as market totes for bringing home fresh produce and baguettes. Use for grocery runs or keep in your everyday-bag for impromptu necessities!

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