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Mix & Match Cutlery Sets

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Because everyone has their cutlery of choice!

  • Beechwood fork/spoon set
  • Birchwood chopsticks/spoon set
  • Bamboo fork/spoon/knife/chopsticks set
Wooden cutlery is wonderful as a lightweight and easy zero-waste addition to your handbag or everyday kit. We package your cutlery set with a batik wrap made from fabric offcuts or dead-stock fabric by independent seamstresses in the villages where we produce our bamboo straws, providing them an additional stream of income and diverting fabric offcuts from the waste stream. A big plus for frequent travellers is the fact that wooden cutlery is air-travel friendly -- you won't be stopped at customs! Bamboo and wooden cutlery and straws can be carried as hand baggage so you can go plastic-free on the go. (Just make sure NOT to bring metal straws on board.)