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Pre-order Beeswax Wraps Mending Bar

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Our proprietary beeswax blend is handmade in small batches with wild harvest beeswax*, jojoba oil, pine rosin!

Use this beeswax mending bar to make your own beeswax wraps or mend your old wraps.


  • Mend 2 medium beeswax wraps and 1 small beeswax wrap
  • DIY from scratch up to 1 medium sized beeswax wrap 


  • Mend up to 5 medium beeswax wraps
  • DIY from scratch up to 2 medium sized beeswax wraps and 1 small beeswax wrap


  • Mend up to 8 medium sized beeswax wraps
  • DIY from scratch up to 4-5 new medium sized beeswax wraps

Responsible production - Why wild-harvest?

From the wild jungles of Indonesia, our partners source beeswax responsibly from environmentally conscious wild honey collectors. Responsible harvesting ensures that part of the bee’s nest remains undisturbed, which helps maintain countless generations of healthy bees. The bees will not end up pining for scrunched up honeyless hives, as the harvesting process does not destroy the hives. The bees will be able to simply continue to build their home without needing to look for a new one. 

Psst! We host beeswax wrap DIY workshops or parties for your organisation or friends! Get in touch for more information!

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