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Batik Face Mask (Yellow Rainbow) (Regular size)

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This reusable 3-ply face mask is made with hand-stamped batik and 100% cotton inner lining. The mask can be hand-washed and line-dried to be reused over and over. As part of our conscious-design process, the elastic is not sewn directly onto the mask, and can be replaced in the future to extend the lifespan of the mask. This creation is a collaboration with Indonesian artisans who maintain a traditional slow craft process.

Note: You will receive a mask with the same fabric design but the motif print may not be exactly as pictured. This is a handmade product, there may be slight differences in measurements.

About the design

This is a variation of the traditional "Kawung" motif which was inspired by attap seeds (sugar palm fruit seeds). The traditional design has four connected ovals where the centres are aligned diagonally to repeat and tessellate throughout the fabric. The motif represents a human being going through different life stage: East (a fresh beginning, like the sunrise), South (representing a pinnacle of things, the Equator), West (peace and stability, like the sunset), and North (returning to the Creator). 

The hand-stamped batik is a labour-intensive work of love. When you wear a hand-stamped batik mask, you are wearing a message of devotion to traditional craft.

Please tag @bamboostrawgirl on Instagram when you use this mask! We wish you safe and happy days ahead.