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Backstock - Thermal Stainless Steel Flasks

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BACKSTOCK SALE! These are new, usable products sold at a discount. These are stock returns. They may have a sticker from the stockist or sticker residue if we peeled the sticker off. This can be washed off with a little bit of soap and time.

I've checked every single flask and all of them are in good condition. There are no dents but there may be some scuffing on the surface or faint marks (not scratches) due to storage but these can be washed off or will disappear with use.

Each stainless steel flask comes with a special message on its cap, hopefully to inspire you on your eco journey! 

Keep your drinks hot or cold for hours on the go with our thermal flasks. Choose thermal if you: like having hot coffee or tea on the go, carry your bottle in your bag and don't want your cold drinks to "sweat" and get other items wet.