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All-purpose Pouch with Zip

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20 cm x 9 cm x 9 cm, structured boxy style

Suitable uses
Toiletry pouch, Make-up hold-all pouch, Pencil case, Contain teacher's tools, etc - according to your imagination :) 

Each pouch is handmade using 100% cotton, hand stamped batik fabric and a linen inner lining, finished with a smooth metal zipper. The pouch can be hand-washed and line-dried to be reused for years to come. This creation is a collaboration with Indonesian batik artisans who maintain a traditional slow craft process.


Why hand-stamped?

The hand-stamped batik is a labour-intensive work of love. When you wear a hand-stamped batik mask, you are wearing a message of devotion to traditional craft. These fabrics are NOT machine-printed and the colours are vibrant and lasting.

The women-run sewing project that we worked with to produce these supports community outreach projects that benefit less privileged women in Indonesia.


About the designs

Kawung (Colourful with white background) Inspired by attap seeds (sugar palm fruit seeds), the motif represents a human being going through different life stage: East (a fresh beginning, like the sunrise), South (representing a pinnacle of things, the Equator), West (peace and stability, like the sunset), and North (returning to the Creator). 

Blue banji (Blue on white background) The "banji" motif has its roots from an Indian motif that entered Indonesia through China. The design represents abundance and the spiritual connection of everything in the Universe. 

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