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Crystal Deodorant (Signature package-free!)

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We believe in package-free! This deodorant is purposely packaged minimally so that you are able to use up every single bit of it! On average, one deodorant block lasts customers 2 years!

Upsized! Average size: 95-110g

(Due to handmade nature of the product, size may vary. We have sold this deodorant to thousands of happy customers worldwide since 2015! Thank you for your support!) 

Usage: Run a bit of the deodorant under a tap and rub onto any area where you want to prevent body odour - yes, it will work on armpits and feet!

Regular commercial deodorants and antiperspirants contain harmful chemicals! Avoid these nasties with deodorant stones!

How does it work? It targets the bacteria on the skin surface, which is what causes smells. Using the crystal deodorant will not clog your pores or leave any residue or by-product. It will not stain clothing or have any sticky residue. It deodorises by acting on the bacteria. It is not an antiperspirant! Sweating is natural and important! 

What is it made of? Crystal deodorant is made from a natural mineral salt, potassium alum. Potassium alum it is not an antiperspirant and products containing it do not reduce sweat production.

It is not the same as Aluminium Chloride and Aluminium Chlorohydrate, which are commonly found in conventional antiperspirants and which people want to avoid! (Read more below)*

How long will one block last? It can last for a year or more, depending on usage!

Option: WABI SABI DEO Some deodorant blocks may sometimes be chipped due to careless handling by customers at our pop-ups or damaged during transport to our storage room. In order to reduce waste, we offer these flawed stones at a discount. We have named them after the beautiful Japanese philosophy of "perfection in imperfection". The chips or cracks do not affect usage. The block you receive may be chipped (slightly) or cracked but can still be used. As we do not open the packaging so that the block is contained neatly, we are not able to choose the flaw type. You may see small salt residue on the inner part of the packaging of flawed blocks. When you purchase a flawed Wabi Sabi deodorant block, it is not refundable. Please take note of the possible extent of flaws. Salt residue or smaller parts can be dissolved in warm water to form a spray. This spray will last 2 weeks in the fridge as it does not contain preservatives. 

The deodorant is packaged in paper packaging. The product packaging is minimal! In line with our no-unnecessary-packaging shipping policy, we will pack your orders in REUSED and CLEAN bubble wrap when we ship it in order to prevent breakage. The bubble wrap would have been reused at least twice before being used to pack your order. If you DO NOT want reused bubble wrap, you can indicate a preference for us to use cardboard, but breakage will be at your risk. 

* What is the difference between potassium alum and Aluminium Chloride and Aluminium Chlorohydrate?

Aluminium Chloride and Aluminium Chlorohydrate react with peptides and amino acids in the skin to form a gel which then blocks sweat ducts and glands, preventing perspiration. This is why they are used as antiperspirants in conventional deodorants. They have a small molecular mass (usually 250-350 Daltons) which means that they can readily penetrate the skin, entering the body.

Potassium alum has a much larger molecule (approx 480 Daltons) which is too large to be absorbed through the skin. Instead of forming a gel which prevents perspiration, potassium alum sits on the surface of the skin. It is anti-bacterial and does not allow the bacteria responsible for causing bad odours to multiply.

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