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Where's our Black Friday sale?

Posted by Melissa Lam on

Here are three reasons why we aren't doing Black Friday this year...

1 We price our products very carefully

We are careful to price our products in a way that reflects their value. When you shop with us, you can be sure that the people who made our products have been fairly paid for their hard work. We pride ourselves on quality, which is tricky when it comes to natural materials. When you use a product from our shelves, we hope that you sense a connection to the materials and the makers. Our prices reflect the fair wages for our makers, and what we need to do product development, conduct school outreach programmes and keep our staff paid!


2 We want people to RETHINK consumption

When t-shirts go for $5 a pop, and plastic disposables go for cents, there has got to be something wrong somewhere. Mindful consumption, to us, is considering the whole life cycle of items that we choose to use or buy - from production to end of life solutions. Large-scale sale days drive impulse buys. We prefer you to have a meaningful, thoughtful connection with our products. We also want you to think twice before purchasing new when you may already have something that works just as well!


3 We keep our prices affordable year-round

Our mission is to make conscious-living accessible to all -- and to make it clear that you need not purchase anything extra to make a difference. Whether you're looking for a bamboo toothbrush or a long-lasting deodorant stone, we hope to bring these essentials to you at reasonable prices year-round! (This leaves little room for sales at times...)


This was our #CircularConsumption week!

We are supporting the #CircularMonday movement for the second year running. This is a movement which hopes to drive awareness of brands and companies that focus on REUSE, REPAIR, RENT. As part of our Circular commitment, we have consistently added upcycled products to our range over the past two years. 

View our Upcycled collection here!



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