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Zero-waste Fabric Moveable Alphabet

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Handmade from offcut material, our zero-waste Moveable Alphabet set provides endless opportunities for exploration of the alphabet, colours, sounds and words. SOFT for little hands to hold on to. This tactile play set is suitable for children from 0 to 6 and makes a wonderful heirloom gift, to be passed down in the family. Crafty mommies may enjoy sewing them onto schoolbags or t-shirts as cool patches.

These sets and options are available in upper or lower case:

  • Set of 26 letters in a linen pouch
  • Set of 5 vowels A E I O U
  • Option to add on additional letters individually for spelling names

Size: Approx 10cm at the widest point for each upper case letter. Lower case letters are made to be proportionate to the upper case letters. The widest point of letters with tails would be 10cm, and the letters with no tail portion are about 5cm height.

A random assortment of colours will be included in the set. We are unable to select specific colours for each letter. Due to the handmade nature of this product, there will be very slight differences in size.

To Montessori educators, the Moveable Alphabet would be a familiar part of the Montessori Language Curriculum. It primarily teaches children how to develop their knowledge of the alphabet, and written language skills. This is a very versatile material, as it has endless learning extensions that educators can build upon to challenge increasing language competency. From first learning letters as individuals, the student can build upon letters to words, experiencing the way in which letters make words and how words are spelt from left to right. 

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