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Sustainable Soap (Recycled oil!)

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These soaps have seen more than one life!

Soap is made from oil. As a uniquely sustainable solution, used cooking oil collected from city restaurants and kitchens has been collected to be turned into these lovely sustainable bar soaps!

The oil goes through a thorough filtering process, and is boiled with water and local herbs where any impurities are removed totally. The soap retains NO odour, NO burnt particles and NO food traces. After the process of saponification, all that remains is a bar of soap! 

Only vegetable oils have been used to create these soaps. They have gone through thorough filtration and cleansing before being transformed into soaps. However, as the oil comes from a mix of restaurants, Muslim customers may want to note that not all are certified Halal restaurants. 

The soaps come in four options:

  • Unscented
    [Can be used as hand soap, dish soap, travel laundry soap, body soap]

  • Lavender
    (Calming, with lavender buds) [Suitable as hand or body soap]

  • Lemongrass
    (Refreshing) [Suitable as hand or body soap]

  • Mint
    (Refreshing) [Suitable as hand or body soap]

Each bar approximately 90-100g