Soapstone Holder - Sun (FINAL SALE)

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This product will be discontinued. All the stock here are the final pieces!

    These holders are carved from a single slab of soapstone, a material close to marble to the touch, and were handmade in Agra, home to the Taj Mahal. Our maker, Deepak, comes from a family of artisans.

    How to use:

    • As a pencil holder or toothbrush holder. The cutout at the base helps you keep an eye that water does not collect, and is more suitable for holding toothbrushes than cups. 
    • Rest your toothbrush on the small dish or use the small dish to mix clay or powder masks.
    • Hold your trinkets! We also use the small dish to hold our accessories - earrings and rings. 

    Available as a set or individually. If you purchase a set, we will send you a pair that is carved from the same piece of stone. The colour and texture of the marbling will differ from piece to piece due to the nature of soapstone (the material) - some appear darker while some appear lighter.