[LIMITED EDITION] Seatbelt x Vintage Kimono Handbag with Sling

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The vintage kimono fabrics used in this creation are more than 70 years old. These were some of the final bales. As such, no others will be produced after this collection.

#BSGupcycled range

The owner of the vintage kimono collection did not want the kimono to "lose their soul" behind the glass of a museum display. Here, the precious textiles have been transformed into wearable art. The contrast between the rugged seatbelts and the exquisite kimono fabric makes this a strong statement piece that's bound to start conversations!

*Kimono sling handbag measurements:
24(L) X 18(H) X 11 (W)CM

PLEASE NOTE that Kimono fabric accent on the seatbelt bag will be selected at random. You can request photos to be sent through email - leave a note at checkout. If there is no note, we will send a random design.*

The current industrial model is “take-make-waste” which means we take resources, make products, and eventually waste those resources when we discard the product because there is no solution for the product’s “end of life” / some products are even designed to have an “expiry” date (like electronics!) The circularity model designs “waste and pollution” out of the system and keeps products and materials in use. This could be about renewable energy or this could be about mending or repairing clothes or electronics instead of throwing away. Or about upcycling materials into something useful! What does circularity mean to you?