PAY AS YOU WISH Reusable Face Mask

Regular price $2.00

Pay As You Wish masks are simple cotton masks with side ties, not from the structured batik range.

If you need a mask, and cannot afford the tagged price, we are happy for you to pay whatever amount you can afford. When you pay as you wish, we still donate any profit to Migrants We Care and we will absorb any loss. You will receive a random design to simplify our inventory tracking.

If you do not need a mask, or intend to pay more than tagged price, we encourage you to donate directly at this link.

We will be donating profits from sale of masks to Migrants We Care to benefit the migrant worker community that has been hard hit by COVID-19. The money goes towards (1) supporting displaced migrant workers who are unable to recover their salary, (2) providing food and accommodation to those who are unable to work and unable to return home due to flight cancellations, (3) providing daily necessities like bathroom essentials and other items to those who are required to "stay in".

Why wear a mask EVEN if you have no symptoms?

Wearing a mask when you are in close contact with people may help to protect yourself (and your family or people in the same household). Wearing a mask will also protect others, in case you have the virus but don’t know it.

Why reusable?

There is currently a global shortage of surgical masks, Singapore needs to conserve these masks for those who need them most: our healthcare workers and those who are sick.