Mini Soap & Soap Dish Set

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This ultra cute mini soap trio is perfect for travelling (or, in these times, a staycay)! Get a preview to our handmade soap bars with these in-house favs!

  • Ylang ylang (40gr) face and body soap
  • Lemongrass (40gr) face and body soap
  • Washing block (40gr) for laundry (especially delicates) or hands and dishes when camping, or even a stain stick on the go

The soap dish has stands and will help to drain off the soap and keep it elevated. However, it is not suitable to be used in shower stalls or in places where it is constantly moist or wet or where it will constantly sit in water. Use this soap dish to dry soap after flicking dry, in a sunny or airy spot next to the window or at a dry part of your sink-top.

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