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Endek Face Mask (Gold Spots) (Regular size)

Regular price $18.00

This reusable 3-ply face mask is made with handmade Endek textile and 100% cotton inner lining. The mask can be hand-washed and line-dried to be reused over and over.

Endek is a very special textile that is hand-woven - read more below!

As part of our conscious-design process, the elastic is not sewn directly onto the mask, and can be replaced in the future to extend the lifespan of the mask.

Note: Pattern positioning may vary from what is pictured. This is a handmade product, there may be slight differences in measurements.

Endek is a tie-dyed woven textile native to Bali. “Endek” comes from the word "gendekan" or "ngendek", which means to be silent or to remain (permanent). Wooden hand-operated looms are used in the process. The basic designs are irregular, soft wavy patterns, or diamond designs with a zigzag pattern. Once considered to be a cloth of nobility, endek cloths are now commonly worn and considered fashionable. The Endek cloth is a weft-ikat textile, where the pattern is tied and dyed on the weft threads.

The pattern has to be painstakingly re-aligned with every pass of the weft thread, making the weave an intricate and time-consuming technique to master. This creation is a collaboration with Indonesian artisans who maintain a traditional craft process.

You are wearing a message of devotion to traditional craft. Please tag@bamboostrawgirl on Instagramwhen you use this mask! We wish you safe and happy days ahead.