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Butterfly Pea Pods - FREE

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Note: Just select one in quantity, don't worry I will mail a few each time. You will probably get at least 3 pods depending on the yield for the day. I will mail out when pods are ready! I will dispatch in order, according to whoever indicated interest first :) You might have to wait some time for yours. Please be patient and understand this seed gift is a side project.

Is it just me or is the exchange of seeds pretty damn romantic? A few months back a really nice lady on an Internet group for urban farmers gave me the seeds for what is now a big butterfly pea plant. I let the flower dry on the vine then i pick them and make butterfly pea extract for a tea. It yields so many pods that i can pass it on to friends. Who knows how many plants have sprung up from the seeds that that one lady shared - what more everyone else sharing and trading plants. I love how we are literally passing life and sustenance to each other through seeds!

Seeds are the first tiny link in the food chain and ensure not only biological diversity but also cultural diversity.

The free exchange of seeds has taken place forever not only for food security but also for the exchange of stories about cultural significance and religious or traditional plant use. The plants and planting knowledge we have now have been passed down from past generations. You know that warm feeling you get when a chatty old neighbour or wet market uncle gushes about how to cook plants, their healing properties and growing habits? The reason we still eat these plants today is because of generations of growers and sharers.

When you've got a plant of your own, make sure to share your pods. So much of green living is the exchange of ideas, so talk to your neighbours and friends!