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Backstock - Handmade Face & Body Soap

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BACKSTOCK SALE! These are new, usable products sold at a discount. These are stock returns. Some may have a sticker from the stockist or sticker residue.

Backstock soaps may have lighter scents. This does not affect the usage and you will still benefit from the skin-nourishing qualities of the handmade soaps (we use hand picked botanical ingredients!)


  • Vanilla (40gr) face and body soap [Comforting + Calming]
  • Lemongrass (40gr) face and body soap [Cleansing + Refreshing]
  • Sandalwood (40gr)  face and body soap [Earthy + Grounding]

  • Why solid soaps and not liquid? 


    Each soap block can replace at least 1-2 bottles of dishwashing liquid, depending on your usage. It is more efficient to produce, ship and store solid soaps compared to liquid detergents due to the fact that liquid soap is heavier to carry and not efficiently packaged. Bar soap is always stackable and maximises the volume of cartons during transportation.

    Soaps are made from natural ingredients such as oils and fats.

    Sometimes, a blend of oils is used for each oil's unique properties. Different oils have different qualities and benefits. 

    Expect nice suds and bubbles with this product!

    During the process of saponification (the process of making into soap), glycerin naturally occurs. This is great for your skin! The natural glycerin is a moisturiser.

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