AllMatters Menstrual Cup and Underwear set

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Many people prefer using a combination of sustainable period care products - at different times of your period you may prefer a particular product over another. Sometimes, people also use the period underwear as a "back up" while getting used to the cup.

The best-selling and award-winning AllMatters menstrual cup is made from medical-grade UNDYED silicone and the only menstrual cup certified hypoallergenic with AllergyCertified. FDA registered, made in Germany, covered by AllMatters' Cup Satisfaction Guarantee. 

The AllMatters period underwear is your reusable, comfortable, and leak-free period solution. It feels like regular underwear but has built-in layers that serve different purposes – from absorbing your flow to keeping you dry and odour-free and avoiding stains on your clothes. Absorbency: Light / Moderate flow – holds 1-2 tampons worth

More information about the period underwear usage and maintainence.