100% Cotton Reusable Face Mask

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These two-ply masks have cloth ties to go around the EARS. You can adjust to fit and it will fit a variety of face shapes. Reusable filter insert sold separately. 

You can also see our batik masks which are structured to fit the face here (click this link!

We will be donating 100% profits from sale of masks to Migrant Workers' Centre, Migrant Workers' Assistance Fund to benefit the migrant worker community that has been hard hit by COVID-19. The money goes towards assisting migrant workers redress employment disputes and furthers education and awareness among them of their employment rights.

If you do not need a mask, but would like to help, we encourage you to donate directly at this link.

Why wear a mask EVEN if you have no symptoms?

Wearing a mask when you are in close contact with people may help to protect yourself (and your family or people in the same household). Wearing a mask will also protect others, in case you have the virus but don’t know it.

Why reusable?

There is currently a global shortage of surgical masks, Singapore needs to conserve these masks for those who need them most: our healthcare workers and those who are sick.